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Comment Posted by trak5834 Oct 04, 2008 09:46 AM

Rule #1 - There will be 3 - 20 minute running time periods with 5 minutes in between periods

Rule #2 - There will be no overtime except for playoffs which will be sudden death overtime. Regular season games will go straight to 3 man shoot-out for tie breaker.

Rule #3 - Each team will be allowed 1 timeout per game.

Rule #4 - Minor penalties will be 3 minutes of running time. Major penalties will be 7 minutes of running time and will go under review for suspension. It will be reviewed by the referee.

Rule #5 - No slap shots, goals will only be counted from waist height and lower shots. Referees discretion.

Rule #6 - If a goal is scored from stick being higher then the waist, goal will be dis-allowed and a warning will be issued. Defensive team will take possession of ball from where slap shot was taken from.

Rule #7 - All teams must have matching color shirts.

Rule #8 - There will be no goalie subs during game play only at intermissions or a time out, exception in case of injury.

Rule #9 - Each team will assign 1 captain. Only the captain or assistant captain will be permitted to talk to ref about calls or concerns. Under no exception will the bench be allowed to talk to the ref, if a team bench gets out of control the team will be assessed a 3 min bench minor penalty. The player(s) causing the commotion will first be warned, then removed if it persists.

Rule #10 - Any hitting from behind into the boards will result in an automatic 7 min major penalty and a game misconduct with the review of possible suspension. NO exception.

Rule #11 - Ball going out of play anywhere in gym will become possession of opposing team and you will be required to give that team at least 1 stick length of room so that they can move the ball up the floor. A time limit to move the ball will be in effect to keep game speed up.

Rule #12 - When the goalie freezes the puck the offensive team will be required to back up and give opposing team at least 1 stick length in order to move the ball. Play will begin behind the net. Team in possession of the ball will be given three seconds to move the ball.
If the goalie chooses to play the ball forward, the ball is live as soon as it leaves his possession.

Rule #13 - Any high stick during play will result in a 3 minute minor penalty. You do not have to make contact with the ball for this penalty to be called.

Rule #14 - If any player is cut, scratched etc. in any manner that results in bleeding whether it is accidental or not it will result in an 6 minute double minor

Rule #15 - Any game misconduct will result in a minimum one game suspension. Further games will be left to the discretion of the referee and/or league representative.

Rule #16 - All players, save for goalies, will be required to wear some form of padded hand protection (hockey gloves preferred). Referee will have discretion to allow non-traditional protection (i.e. mechanics gloves). No player will be allowed on the floor without hand protection.

Rule #17 - An player who receives 3 minor penalties (or the time equivalency i.e. one double minor and a minor) in the same game will be ejected and suspended 1 game. Further expulsions will receive longer suspensions. High sticking the ball penalties are exempt from this rule.


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